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Automatic Meter Reading Systems



System Features :


  • Real-time monitoring from a central point
  • Remote meter reading and controlling
  • Modular, flexible and expandible architecture
  • Single platform supporting different meter types (Electricity, water, gas...)
  • Identifying infrastructure losses and leaks caused by abuse.
  • Supporting different meters, hardware interfaces (Pulse, RS-485, RF-ISM...)
  • Supporting different protocols (MODBUS, Profibus, CAN-bus)
  • Supporting different Wide Area Networks (ADSL, Fiber, GSM-GPRS...)
  • Billing Interfaces, Intelligent City Application Interfaces
  • Monitoring consumption profiles, detecting unusual situations
  • Analysis, statistics, comparisons, deviations, inconsistencies, predictions and goal settings (Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning)
  • Effective network algoritms (Self-Organizing Network)
  • Embedded data loss prevention and data transfer security mechanisms
  • Compatible with the International Standards
  • High quality of service





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