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Waste Water Monitoring Stations



  • It is developed in accordance with the circular numbered "B18.0.ÇYG.0.05.02-010.06.02-51460" by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism.
  • At this stage, remote waste water monitoring stations should be established on the Waste Water Treatment Plants which has the capacity more than 10000 m3/day. Lower capacities plants will also be responsible in the future.
  • Parameters which indicate the quality of the waste water are remotely monitored in real-time.


Important Requirements:

  • Measuring pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature and flow
  • High accuracy measuring
  • Collecting real-time data
  • Containing data loss prevention mechanisms
  • High security for data storage and data transfer


Product Features:

  • Independent design from sensor brand
  • Sensor count flexibility
  • Industrial hardware platform
  • High data storage capacity
  • Embedded data loss prevention and data transfer security mechanisms
  • It enables to end-user embedding own security algorithms, special algorithms
  • Energy monitoring capability
  • Energy consumption data, waste water discharge and waste water parameters are shown in the graphic screens, thanks to a combination of changes in the functioning of the process can be followed.
  • High quality of service
  • No dependence on overseas



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