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Energy Monitoring and Control Systems



DIMON® Efficient Energy Management System


DIMON® is a product family that will provide monitoring and improving the energy consumption within a plant. It has flexible hardware and software architecture. It can be integrated with plant process and production data and adaptable to forthcoming applications.



  • To determine energy cost per unit production.
  • To generate the energy profile by analyzing the user habits and load distribution.
  • To manage the energy consumption by generating automatic reports and action plans.
  • To decrease the CO2 emission.


  • Monitored parameters can be expanded depending on the requirements of the plant.
  • Compatible with all meter types and existing control equipment.
  • It can be integrated to existing SCADA, BMS applications and ERP systems.
  • It has mobile application infrastructure.
  • Industrial, robust and reliable.


DIMON® is a registered trademark of Pikotek Mechanic and Control Systems.

For more details you can check the web    www.dimon.com.tr  


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